Jun 19, 2005

Simple rules from Dad department

Happy Father's day to all the dads out there! Please find below few simple rules for dads written by a humble father.

"My main goal in life is to make sure I do the best possible job raising my children. That means I have to be the best possible father I can be. I am no psychologist, but I do see what succeeds with my children and me. I also observe other fathers. Here is what I have found works best in the dad department.

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE - The key to a happy child is having a dad who is there with him consistently, day in and day out. It is far better to spend evening after evening just sitting near him while he reads a book or plays on the computer than to spend a couple of hours every Saturday buying him toys or taking in a movie.

SHARE YOUR STRENGTHS AND FEARS - You are your child's ally, not his adversary. The child who knows that his father was once afraid of the dark, and is still afraid of needles, gets to know that his own weaknesses are part of mankind, not a unique shame.

LOOK FOR THE GOOD AND PRAISE IT - Encouragement is the primary engine of human development. I have been telling my son for over a year that he is a whiz in math because I know he can calculate in a nanosecond the number of toys he can buy with his allowance. Now he's a whiz in math at school too. Consistent recognition of a child's strengths is more important by far than vitamins. You deny it to them at their peril and yours.

DO NOT ALLOW YOUR CHILDREN TO BE RUDE - My son is expected to share, answer others when they greet him and congratulate those who succeed. By teaching him about politeness, I make sure he realizes that others' feeling are worth taking into account. If he can get that in his head he will have learned the most basic foundation of human interaction.

LET YOUR CHILD TEACH YOU - A common misstatement about child development is that "kids don't come with instruction manuals". Au contraire - they do. They tell you when they're hungry. They tell you when they're lonely or scared. They are little guided tours of themselves. Children will tell you what they want, although not always with words. Fatigue, irritability and sadness are ways of telling Dad what they need. Look and listen.

VALUE YOUR CHILD FOR WHAT HE IS - When my son knows he is loved for himself, not for any particular accomplishment, he has a certain peace that allows him to learn better, sleep better, play better, and be more helpful around the house. Whether he becomes a rocket scientist or a plumber, I want my son to know he's No. 1 with me.

BEING A DADDY IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY - If you decide your kids come before your sales quota or other activities, you will find that all the other pieces of Daddyhood fall into place. When you put your kids first, you're getting the most value for every hour on earth. What's more, you have made the most Rightous decision of your life. "

- Author unknown -

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