Jan 1, 2005

My purpose

To be a little kindlier

With the passing of each day;

To leave but happy memories

As I go along my way.

To use possessions that are mine

In service full and free;

To sacrifice the trivial things

For larger good to be.

To give of love in lavish way

That friendship true may live;

To be less quick to criticize,

More ready to forgive.

To use such talents as I have

That happiness may grow;

To take the bitter with the sweet,

Assured 'tis better so.

To be quite free from self-intent

Whate'er the task I do;

To help the world's faith stronger grow,

In all that's good and true.

To keep my faith in God and right

No matter how things run;

To work and play and pray and trust

Until the journey's done.

God grant to me the strength of heart,

Of motive and of will,

To do my part and falter not

His purpose to fulfill.

- Poem by Ms. Henrietta Heron -

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